GREAT NEWS! I am excited to let you all in on my plans for the 2016 election cycle.  I will be candidate for Judge in the 334th District Court.

I have 12 years of judicial experience, 24 years of legal experience and over thirty years of community service to the people of Houston and Harris County. I have represented you, the taxpayer, international oil companies and individual homeowners. I have been on all sides of the Courtroom and have the legal and life experiences to serve you fairly, efficiently and with compassion.

There are a number of ways that you can help me return to the courthouse: (1) please join our campaign (tell your friends and colleagues that you support me); (2) follow me on Twitter @stevenkirkland; (3) friend me on Facebook to follow the campaign. (4) You can also help collect signatures to get me on the ballot. Print the form on legal size paper and collect signatures from registered voters in Harris County who will be voting in the Democratic Primary in March, 2016. (5) Fundraising for this election cycle is now open. Contribute here and watch for upcoming events.

Thank you,

Steven Kirkland
Candidate for Judge, 334th District Court


Photo of Judge Kirkland

Photo: Dalton DeHart






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