Hope you've heard the news: I’m running for Texas Supreme Court Justice, Place 2. The primary election is March 6, 2018. Election Day is November 6, 2018. I am running because justice demands the highest standards. I am very concerned that our courts today are falling short. Too many judges have forgotten they serve the people, not political parties. Texans deserve better. Changing the system is tough, but improving the quality of judges doesn’t have to be. If you know me, you know I’m up to the task. Will you take this journey with me?

My experience – 12 years on the bench, 27 years of legal experience and a lifetime of service to Texas communities – has taught me that balance, equity and fundamental fairness are standards that all judges must strive for as we interpret the law and seek justice. I am the son of a truck driver, who worked my way through law school and learned from my parents always to fight against injustice. As a community leader, I fought to expand affordable housing and end discrimination. As a lawyer, I sued polluters to protect our neighborhoods. As a judge, I’ve fought to make our court system more transparent, accountable and fair. 

There are a number of ways that you can help: (1) please join our campaign (tell your friends and colleagues that you support me); (2) follow me on Twitter @stevenkirkland and Facebook @JudgeSK to get the latest on the campaign, and find out about upcoming events and volunteer opportunities; and finally (3) Contribute here.  Fundraising for this election cycle is now open. 

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Judge Steven Kirkland




Campaign Media

Houston Chronicle:


No Democrat has been elected to statewide office in Texas since 1994, but Kirkland, a University of Houston Law Center graduate, has bucked the odds before.

Dallas Morning News:


We recommend voters shake up the all-Republican makeup of the Texas Supreme Court and elect Democrat Steven Kirkland for the Place 2 seat now held by Justice Jimmy Blacklock. ...
 we're optimistic that, if elected, Kirkland would bring a much-needed dose of diversity to the court's deliberations, and enough judicial experience to be effective."

Outsmart Magazine: “if you don’t fight, nothing ever changes. The battle is worth fighting, regardless of whether I win or not.”

Abilene Reporter-News: "I don’t think a judge should be able to tell you how he would rule,” [Kirkland] said. "If he can, he has an agenda, and that’s not what you want...There have been a number of decisions that have irked me." Among them, said Kirkland, have been decisions that have stripped away the average citizen’s access to the court, making it more difficult to seek relief from corporations. 

Dallas Morning News: "They're closing the courts to average Texans," Kirkland said. "At every opportunity, [if] they can find a way to shut down... working people's attempts to get justice, they will do so."

Austin American-Statesman: "Our population is getting younger, it’s becoming a more diverse population, and we appeal to that," [Kirkland] said. "There is a tremendous energy and tremendous hunger amongst Democrats across Texas. You can see it. I think Democratic turnout is going to be bigger this year than you’ve seen in many years."

Houston Chronicle: "We all know it's a stretch goal," said Judge Steve Kirkland.
I’m committed to putting in the effort to make this goal a reality

Que Onda: What made you say, "I need to do this"?  “The short answer is justice. I've always believed in justice, I've always stood up for justice, and I've always fought to make sure justice was available to everyone. A more involved and nuanced answer is, the court is currently constituted of all Republicans, and they have increasingly entered decisions that, to me, there's no other explanation than politics.

Houston Press: For Kirkland, it came down to Texas Supreme Court opinions issued over the past year, he says. Usually, he could understand the jurisprudence behind a ruling even if he did not agree with it, but increasingly he was reading opinions he felt were being decided by politics, not sound legal reasoning. “It's hard enough to get people to respect law when lawyers and judges are behaving, but when judges start playing politics, it really undercuts the legitimacy of the law. I was so angry seeing that, I finally had to stand up.”

Outsmart Magazine:  “Too many judges have forgotten they serve the people, not political parties. Texans deserve better,” Kirkland continued. “Changing the system is tough, but improving the quality of judges doesn’t have to be.”

Texas Lawyer: “I’m running because the Texas Supreme Court has entered far too many decisions recently that reek of politics and it’s time to change that,’’ Kirkland said.

The Daily Cougar:  Communications lecturer running for Texas Supreme Court. “He represents a group of people, and he speaks for groups of people who have been marginalized,” Northup said. “There are a lot of people who are social activists who are very interested in his campaign and getting behind him.”

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